Monday, March 11, 2013

Review: Great Lakes Brewing Co.'s Commodore Perry IPA

After trying Great Lakes' Edmund Fitzgerald porter months ago, and loving it I might add, I decided it was time to try a few of their other offerings. So I went down to the beverage center and picked up their Commodore Perry IPA. I had it recommended by a friend or two, so I assumed it'd be a good choice.

Just judging from the bottle I can tell it's a simple, yet somewhat strong (at 7.5% ABV) IPA. The description says it's a simple, bare-bones kind of beer. Without further ado, let's break this Commodore down!

Appearance: 2/5
Commodore Perry is a rather plain-looking IPA with a pale golden color and a small head that disappears in no time flat. It's not exactly impressive-looking, but then again not a lot of basic IPAs are.

Nose: 2.5/5
There's a very faint aroma of citrusy hops. Nothing too complex about the nose to this beer.

Taste: 3.5/5
Commodore Perry is heavy on the citrus notes, but not overbearing. It's a rather unobtrusive taste that, while hoppy, doesn't leave you pucker-lipped and is just mild and enjoyable.

Mouthfeel: 2.5/5
While this IPA is mildly enjoyable, it's just too simple. It has a body as light as the color with not much else to note.

Finish: 3/5
This IPA goes down smooth, leaving you with a faint citrusy floral aftertaste.

Total Score: 60.5/100

I wasn't as impressed with this IPA as I thought I was going to be. It's a simple, enjoyable IPA, but nothing out of the ordinary. I'd say it's worth a shot, but don't run down to the beverage center frothing at the mouth waiting to try it.

Until next time, cheers!


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